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Screen Action - Go to Assigned Issues

Screen Action - Go Offline Mode

How to register a Scale

Go to Assigned Incidents

Every time a screen is created, there is the possibility of indicating what action it executes when the user selects it by means of the corresponding button. This time we will talk about the action: Go to Assigned Incidents

When creating a screen with this action, you have to select the type of incident which will display the information, so it is necessary to create a screen for each incident, which you want to consult.

This action, when placed on a screen and selected, will allow to review the incidents that have been assigned to it and that must later be addressed by the user. It is worth mentioning that the user assigned to the incident will only be the one who will be able to see the information ... since it will be the Agent for the attention or solution of the case.

Go to Assigned Incidents