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Visitor Search Configuration

This video will show how to configure the different visit search parameters

The first thing you have to do is go to the screens of your control panel, you can get there by clicking on Content> Screens. Then you create a screen and place the view search action. As you can see at the bottom there are 2 adjustable parameters:

  1. Select which visit that will be leaking.
  2. Search type that the user will have when consulting the information, this will be:
  • By user: where the person who is logged into the application can consult the history of their previous visits.
  • By segment: where only the users of that segment can view the data only of that segment. (If the user is in more than one segment, this will display the data of the other users of the other segments).
  • All: here the user will be able to see any data of the visit of the other users.

To finish, press save to the action and to the screen so that the configuration is saved.

To learn more, watch the video.