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How to set up gradable on a visit

Qualifying in a Visit

This video will show the qualifying settings which will allow obtaining results for different types of analysis.

NOTE: Before starting the configuration it is necessary to have a visit which has at least one activity with qualifying type fields.

To begin the qualifying configuration process you must go to Visits> Visits. Once inside the screen, press the edit button of the visit to be configured. PTo access the configuration you must press the "+" that appears in the section of "gradable settings".

The categories are those items that must be created and they will be the ones that will group the fields to produce a result in that category. To create the categories, you must write the name that represents it and press the button. «Create category». You can create as many categories as required. Each category will yield a result in the reports that are generated.

In the section of "Settings" All the qualifiable type fields that contain all the modules of a visit will appear. The fields will appear with their key name and will have a selector to choose the category that each field belongs to. Subsequently, the type of operation that each category will have is chosen having as an option:

  • Effectiveness: This operation averages all the fields in the category equally.
  • Average: In this operation, the weight value of each field is assigned manually, which will be effective when averaging all the fields in the category.

Finally, each category can be weighted and, together with the others, produce a final result of the visit. To save the changes, press Save.

To learn more, watch the video.