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How to configure the “Operational Delta” report

Operational Delta Configuration

The operating delta allows us to set different types of objectives in the execution of our operation and in its supervision The different functionalities of "Operating Delta" they will allow you to understand (For each of your analyzable entities) the degree of compliance with the defined standards that must be achieved and thus give you an idea with a percentage measurement of how close or how far you are from your desired execution.

The first analyzable entity are the Quantity StandardsThese will allow you to understand the objectives set for the amount of execution both in modules and in visits and thus check if your team meets the objectives.

To configure this report you have to go to Checklist Dashboard and in the side menu select Delta Operational> Standard of Quantities.

Inside the screen "Operating Delta" where is the section "List of Indicators Measured by Quantity", Press the button  "Add" and the screen of "Main Configuration ”To start, you have to determine a name that represents the main label of the meter report and the type of report having as options weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly and quarterly. Then you must choose the period in which the information analysis will be applied.

In the section of "Indicators" press the button "Add" and the visit or the question engine to be analyzed in the report will be selected. Once selected, you must choose a "Reference element" or with a "objective" to be fulfilled according to the selected period. It is important to mention that a OBJECTIVE is the number of reports registered for the indicator during the period of the report type.

To finish, press the button "Save indicator". All the necessary indicators for the report can be added. Once this is done, press the button "SAVE".

Generate Operational Delta Report

To generate the report you have to enter "List of average indicators by quantity" where I know will find / display all reports configured. You must enter the button "See report" for your inquiry. You can edit a target value whenever the period is “Pending”, this is done by double clicking on the target number and saving by pressing the « key.Enter ». All changes to the targets that have been adjusted will be applied by pressing the button. "Save Changes"

By pressing the button "Generate report" An excel file will be downloaded for your consultation. This can also be obtained by pressing the download button on the left side of the button. "See report".

If you want to make any modification to the report configuration, you must press the button "Edit".

To learn more, watch the video.