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How to configure the approval of Visits

Approval of Visits

The approval of visits is a tool that allows to create an approval flow by one or more administrators of the control panel having the possibility of eliminating or modifying the responses in the checklist issued by the users.

To configure this tool you must enter to edit the visit and in the section of "Approval" activate the switch "Activate approval".

To assign an approval flow, you must choose control panel administrators, who will be in charge of the review and approval. Each of them will be assigned a percentage of visits to review, these will be randomly, corresponding to the assigned percentage. The Flow depends on the number of visits that are approved from the first administrator, passing the number of approved to the second administrator taking into account the percentage that will be received.

Note: Visits that were not assigned to the first flow manager for review are automatically approved.

At the end, save the visit configuration so that the changes are not lost.

To learn more, watch the video.