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How to configure incident functionality

Incident Configuration

This video will show the configuration of the incident tool.

We will understand by incident those situations that arise during a process and that must be addressed or solved by a designated agent. To start configuring you must go to Control panel> Incidents. This action will open the screen of "Types of incidents" inside the dashboard. 

To create a new incident, press the green button with the sign of "+" which is in the upper right. You must assign a name that will identify the type of incident, you can also add a description optionally. You can enter emails to receive an alert every time an incident is generated. Through a switch, the sending of a PDF report can be activated for users who raise an incident and also for the agents who are assigned to attend to them, after having been approved by an administrator. You can add emails to which you will also receive these reports.

To raise an incident it is necessary to have one or more question engines in their respective screens for users to raise the incident, only one question engine is required for the solution report.

To finish press the button "Create type of incident".

Note: To create an incident from the qualifiable type field, it is recommended to consult the tutorial "How to register a Scale".

To learn more, watch the video.