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How to create additional registration fields?

Additional registration fields

This time we will show how to configure the user registration space in the application.

To get started, select from the side menu of your admin panel Users> Registration fields. Within this section you must press the button Add Field and press the indicator arrow to display the configuration.

The fields that you decide to create will be complementary to the default fields for user registration. The information required is the following:

  • Field name: There is a space of a maximum of 40 characters and it will indicate the information requested from the user (Age, city, job title, etc).
  • Required: Activating this switch will make this information field mandatory
  • Field type: You can choose between 9 different fields according to the type of information required.
  • Key field: It is the indicator of the field answered when downloading a report.

Press SAVE to finish.

Depending on the type of field that is selected, the requirements that are requested will vary. Here you can see a comparison of the device screens between a default form with one that includes additional fields.

To learn more, watch the video.