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How to create items in the Side Menu

New item in side menu

In this video we will show you how to enter elements to your side menu of your application and to begin you must go to General> Side Menu.

Being inside the configuration, two sections will appear, Side Menu General Settings where you can edit the type of display of the elements, text color, background color. You can replace the text color with an image and apply a Blur effect to make the elements you enter stand out more.

You will also find the section of Add ItemsTo create a new element, select the button Add New Item and deploy it to start its configuration. The newly created element has by default a name and an action which are editable. Each item may have an image that can be selected from the Media Library, pressing the button Select the icon, look for your image and that's it.

This button may or may not be accompanied by its name assigned when activating or deactivating the switch. Show text.

Once you press save, open the application and go to the side menu so you can see your new changes.

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