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How to create content structure?

Create content structures

creating and organizing “screens” it is how the structure that you want to display in the instance will be put together and thus have an organization in the content. For that, there are several types of screens but at this moment we will talk specifically about one… the type screen CONTAINER.

The default screen type when creating a new screen is the Container type and allows you to create a main menu based on screens. Just by clicking on the green button with the sign of (+) more located on the right side of each screen “Container” it will be possible to place more screens within screens which will create a sub-menu. You can create multiple levels of sub-menus as needed but remember that the fewer levels the instance has, the friendlier the user experience will be.

It is also possible to reorder the screens with just drag and drop.

It is important to mention that all screens can be edited and also archived. The only screen that cannot be archived is the screen of HOME which is created by default.

To learn more, watch the video.