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How to create screens?

How to create screens

One of the fundamental parts in the BeepQuest tool are the “SCREENS”. Each one of them represents a button that will give us access to the information within the instance and creating them is very simple…

Inside the control panel, on the left side we find the main menu; let's go to the section "Contents" and we select "Screens". In this section is where we can build the content structure of our instance (you will find this in detail in the video “How to create the content structure”).

In the upper left you will find a blue circular button with the sign of (+) more, when you click it, you will be asked for the name with which you will identify said screen and if you wish, it will be the name of the button that appears on the screen of the users' mobile device (we will see the details in the video “Screen – Graphic Interface Edition”)

To learn more, watch the video.