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How to create a Visit with Basic settings

Visit Settings

A visit is a functionality that encapsulates the list of tasks in an organized way for its correct execution by the operational personnel and in this way to be able to show the results of the tasks done in an organized way.

Before starting to create a visit, it is very important to have the following configured in advance.

Have at least 3 standard modules "Question Engine". It is recommended to give them names that are easy to identify for example "Entry, activity and exit", andThese must be on a screen assigned and placed somewhere in the application.

To configure you have to go to Side Menu> Visits> VisitsWithand select in "Create visit", the name is placed and the configuration will open.

There are several sections for initial setup, lThe first is to change the name of the visit if required, se you can enable or disable the INVOICE, a prefix is ​​entered and from which number the counting will begin. This will be appreciated in the report and thus you can have them better classified.

Subsequently, the entry module is placed that will start the activities of the visit. Is selected "Select entry" the module is searched, it is given to save. A key field is selected, this can only be a massive list or geofence. Ready, the input is already configured.

Now we go to the activities tab. The same is done in this tab. The module is searched for and saved. Here you can add more than one module.

Finally, the module corresponding to the closing of the visit is placed. Save the visit and voila.

From your Device you can start to solve it. It is very important that you finish it otherwise, when you want to start again it will ask you to finish the pending first.

To learn more, watch the video.