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How to register a Geofence

How to register a Scale

How to register Geofences

A geofence is an area delimited by a perimeter that will establish where a user must respond to their reports through the application. If the user is outside the established area, the application will let him know and it will be shown in his report or he could not allow the report to be sent until he is in the required place.

To register the different areas you have to go from the left side of the panel to the section of Geo-fences > Geo-fences; press the button on the right +Create Geo-fence and give a name to the group that will identify the areas that will be registered.

Once the space for the geofences has been created, each reference point of each area must be registered by pressing the button +Create Geo-fence and enter the name of the point to which a perimeter will be assigned.

A map will appear where by means of the line of Search or by sliding the map you can locate the point that corresponds to the geofence. Once located, click on the point so that the perimeter to be assigned appears marked. By default, a green circle appears which can be resized by going through the white dots and the color.

You can also change the shape for a Rectangle or a polygon which you must put the points inside the map so thatthat is forming.

It must be considered that due to various factors, the area may have a margin of error of 10-30 meters when detecting the user's location. So you don't have to limit the geofence too much and give it a considerable perimeter. Finally press SAVE and repeat the process for each Geofence that you want to add.

Once the Geofences have been created, a Question Engine module must be created and before creating a field, the location is activated with this switch.

Subsequently, the geofence type field is created, the necessary data is placed and a field appears where a message will be placed which will appear in the application indicating to the user that it is not within a geofence.

At the end of editing the question engine, you should always save and refresh the application in order to view the changes.

To learn more, watch the video.