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How to register a Scale

How to register a Scale

How to register a scale

Scales are one of the main components that must be configured before starting to create Qualifying fields within the Question Engine. 

To create a scale you have to go to Content > Scales and select the button +Create Qualifying and assign a name to the scale which helps to distinguish said scale with others that are or are going to be configured; press Accept.

Once the qualifiable has been created, proceed to register the options with the values ​​and characteristics of each of them by pressing the button +Add option to fill in the following fields:

  • Name: It will be the name of the option to choose that will appear to the user on their device. A name is required for each option.
  • Image: If you want to replace the name with an image on user devices, you can assign each option an image found in Media.
  • Numerical value: Each option can have a numerical value, which will allow mathematical operations to be carried out to obtain results combined with the responses of other fields or modules depending on the Visits configuration.

The requirements that will appear in the application are: Image, Comment and Signature required. If they are not completed, the response cannot be sent.

On the other hand, the Email and incidence requirements work as follows:

  • Create Incidence: By selecting this option as an answer, the user will be automatically generating an incident previously configured in the corresponding tool.
  • Order: You can change the display order of options on users' devices.

These requirements can be modified again by selecting this Edit button and then saving.

The option of N/A (Not Applicable) it is previously configured and will come into operation when a qualifiable type field.

To learn more, watch the video.