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How to generate a Unified Visit report

Unified Visit Report

This video will show how to generate a Unified Excel report from the information obtained in a visit. This report will show the information of all the modules of the view in an excel sheet.

To start you have to enter the Side menu> Visits> Visits, locate the visit for which you want to generate the report and press the analytics button. The screen with the general information of the visit will appear and in the upper right part you have to select the button "See full report". Once inside the left side you can use the filters to obtain more detailed information if required. It is worth mentioning that the parameters that are by default correspond to all the information obtained in a month.

To generate the report, press the button "Generate Unified report" and a successful operation message will appear. To download it, you must enter the section of Reports, this is in Side menu> Reports> Reports. When the report is ready, a button will appear that says "Download".

To learn more, watch the video.