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How to enter a Segmented Bulk List

How to enter a segmented bulk list

Segmenting a list is so that each item in the list is only viewed by the assigned user (s). In this way, the user will only view the content that corresponds to him and will not view all the elements.

The first thing to do is activate the switch “Element Segmentation” that will show on the right side of each element a space to enter the emails with which the users who can view each option are registered, or press the red button @ that will show a menu of users to choose the indicated ones.

If the creation of the list is through import of CSV file, in the document can be placed in the column of "e-mail" user emails so that they are segmented at the time of importing the list. Before importing the list, the switch must be activated. “Element Segmentation”.

Finally press Save.

To learn more, watch the video.