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How to enter a Bulk List

How to enter a bulk list

The bulk list is a tool within the module “Question Engine” where you can enter a list of options from which the user will select his answer. A massive list can be used in several fields and in all modules “Question Engine” that are necessary.

To create a massive list you have to go to Content > Mass Lists; Press the button “Create Mass List” and assign a name (for example: customers, cities, branches, etc.). and to enter the elements there are two ways:

  1. Write the element in the line of “Add new value”
  2. press the sign + green color.
    Repeat the process for each element you want to add.

Press the white button that indicates “Download CSV format”. Open the .csv format that was downloaded and enter the elements in the column “Values”.

Once all the elements have been entered, save the document preferably in format CSV(UTF-8).

Upload the file on the blue button “Import Answers”.

If you want to sort the list, you can do it Ascending, Descending by selecting the desired option. Once the bulk list is created, it can be edited to add and remove items. This will not affect previously generated reports.

The elements are not editable, if any change is required you have to delete the unwanted element and capture a new one with the change involved. If you want to change all the elements in the list, you can delete all the elements by pressing the red button “Delete all items” and enter new ones. 

IMPORTANT: The changes will be effective in all fields where that list is assigned.

Finish by pressing SAVE.

To learn more, watch the video.