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How to schedule reports

Report Scheduling

In this video we will show how to program different types of reports.

First you have to go to Side Menu> Reports> Programmable ReportsWithe press "Create Programmable Report" and the name is placed. The report settings will open.

What type of programmable report is needed will appear first. In this case we will focus on "Send now", the second configuration section is to set the type of report and the recurrence. In this you can change the subject of the mail that will reach the administrators' tray. Then you can select between 10 types of reports depending on the requirement. Once selected, it can be filtered by user email. Thus each report will arrive but from a specific user. This is optional. In the Dates per report section, you will be able to choose the range of dates that will be accumulated apart from the current day. Finally, the recipients to whom this report will arrive will be placed.

After having all the configuration, press save and that's it, an email with the specified report will arrive in your inbox.

To learn more, watch the video.