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How to register application users via file import

Importing Users

This time we will show how to configure the user registration space in the application.

To get started, select from the side menu of your admin panel Users> Users. Within this screen you will find on the upper right side a button Download CSV format. This format will allow you to easily register users in bulk.

What you have to do is open the file that you downloaded where a column will be displayed for each record field to fill ... it is VERY IMPORTANT column headings are not changed or removed.

Once you have entered all the information, you must save the document in .CSV format. If the information contains special characters it is recommended to save in .CSV utf8 format.

Go back to the control panel, to the same screen and press the button. Import Users, select the file with the information you saved and voila! On the screen you will see the registered users.

To learn more, watch the video.