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How to automatically register and segment users

Automatic user targeting

This time we will show how to configure the user registration space in the application.

To get started, select from the side menu of your admin panel: Users> Registration fields. When a new field is created and it is of type Single Selection List o Multiple You have the possibility to assign users to one or more segments automatically at the time of registration.

To configure it, when creating the field you will find a section on Field options where the answer options will be entered. As can be seen, when creating a new option a space opens to establish the possible answer to select. On the right side there is a button with a + (plus) sign. Pressing it will show a list with the previously created segments or the possibility of creating a new one by pressing the button. New Segment.

Once the segment is selected, it will be assigned to that possible answer, so that by selecting this option, the user will automatically begin to be part of that segment.

To learn more, watch the video.