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How to upload content and design images?

Upload content and design images

The Control Panel has a storage space type "cloud" to upload files, which can be used to create design and content for each instance. This storage space is called MEDIA, it is located in the side menu of the panel, in the section of GENERAL > MEDIA. Here you can create folders and subfolders according to convenience so that there is order and better control over the content that is uploaded.

  • Files for image design: The design files that will be used to give an image and aesthetics to the instance must be in format . Png (preferably) y .jpg with a maximum file weight of 2Mb
  • Content files: These files will be used in the Document Module and the supported file types are: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint. The files will retain their characteristics when consulted, so some files can be downloaded and edited by the user.

To learn more, watch the video.