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User registration settings

Configure user registry

This time we will show how to configure the user registration space in the application.

To get started, select from the side menu of your admin panel: Users> Registration Settings. In this section you can customize the screen of Log in of your instance. 

In it you can change the background color and the text color of the default buttons, having the possibility of replacing them with images.

There are 2 tools that allow you to hide or show the buttons Create account and Skip leaving only the Login as mandatory. Remember to press Save when you finish making your changes. When you do not modify any of the above, the application shows the 3 default buttons:

  • Skip button: This button is used to access the main screen of the application without having to log in.
  • Register button: Upon entering, you will see the registration fields.
  • Log in: Here you can enter with your email and password to access specific content for registered users.

Once filled, press Register now and voila, hyou have created your user.

To learn more, watch the video.