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Tour Settings

How to register a Scale

Tour Settings

For configure tour Within the menu on the left side of the control panel, go to General and then select Tour where you will find the following tools:

Enabled: Within the Tour section, you must activate the “Enabled” switch so that it is visible on the devices. If at any time you want the Tour to no longer be displayed, simply disable the switch.

Background color: It will be the color that will be displayed in the background of the tour images. 

Text colour: It will be the color of the buttons "Continue" u "Skip" that will be displayed on the device.

The color can be selected by means of a multicolor box or by typing the RGB of the desired color. It is also possible to modify the transparency by sliding the bar indicator from left to right or vice versa. Once the color and transparency have been selected, press choose for the settings or changes to take place.

Images: It will select from the images saved in "Media" which will be shown on the Tour. If the tour must show a text, it must be in the image since it is not possible to enter text. There is no limit of images but it is suggested to be few to avoid that the entrance to the instance is delayed.

Once the previous points are covered, you just have to press SAVE

To learn more, watch the video.