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Table type field configuration

How to register a Scale

Table field configuration

 In this video we will learn to configure a table type field so that the user can capture different types of information within a table format. 

To start, within a Question Engine type module we will create a Table type field. It must be borne in mind that although the filling of the information visually in the device is not in a table, it will be when the fields are filled with the required information. 

To start creating a table select the button “Add Column” the more columns you generate, the table on the device will grow and you will have to slide the table to view the other columns. Each column will have the following configuration fields:

  1. Field Name and Name clubs: This must not be equal to any of a field or another column
  2. Maximum characters: In the event that the field is of the Open type, the maximum number of characters to respond can be indicated.
  3. Required: If the Mandatory switch is activated, the user must answer the information in this column to send the information in the entire table.
  4. Column Width: Column width in pixels with which the column will be displayed. It is recommended to use 200 pixels in case you do not have a defined number otherwise 

Subsequently, the type of column that is required in the table will be selected, it can be with a type field:

  • Open
  • Numeric
  • Date
  • Phone
  • Massive list of unique selection which you can select directly

The only one that has an extra configuration is the numeric field type column, since its configuration can be the same as that of a Numeric field at the Question Engine level. however, Validations can be attached to this

This validation is created by selecting «Add Validation».

For example: I have to create a field for an insurance policy where I can obtain the data of the beneficiaries of a User and what percentage is left for each one, remembering that the sum must be equal to 100. For this I must indicate that my numeric field adds all the quantities that I put in the table and that the sum of these is equal to 100.

When responding to the table, the user will be able to add their percentages until 100% remains, otherwise a message will appear indicating that the operation is wrong.

Only one validation can be done for each numeric type field.

When you finish configuring the table, remember to save the question engine so that all your configuration is saved.

To learn more, watch the video.