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Dashboard - Special Reports - Administrative Data

Administrative Data Report

Next, the analysis of the administrative data section will be announced where the behavior of users in the field will be consulted.

There are 3 types of analysis: 

  • General Execution: In this section a general analysis will be shown where the executions carried out by key field or those that remain to be executed will be indicated depending on the "Quantity that defines the execution ". To know in detail the elements of the key field that comply or not with the executions, it is enough to press these indicator buttons.
  • Active users: The general analysis will be shown where the executions carried out by a segment of users will be indicated. This is also governed by a "Quantity that defines the execution" that when modifying it will update the results.
  • Visit Time: This analysis depends on the "Expected time of visit" and it will be the one that determines the results. This time can be modified and will be considered for the activities to be completed. Subsequently, the average time in which users have completed an activity is shown and the indicators show which is the number of users who have complied within the expected time and which ones have not.

Each type of analysis can be downloaded in standard format PDF y Excel like you can send by email without leaving the section.

To learn more, watch the video.