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Sending Push Notification to a Segment

Segmented Push Notifications

In this video we will show you how to create a Push Notification and send it to a specific segment of users.

The first thing you have to do is go to: Side menu> Push Notification. Then press the button Create a Push Notification, You enter the name and that's it. The configuration screen will appear showing 2 sections, uOne to configure what type of push notification you want to send and the other to edit the type of information that will be displayed when opening.

  • First section: We will select the push notification by activating the option: «Enviar a segmento” followed by the type of push "Send now"
  • Second section: the content will be edited. You can change the name of the push including the message.

An option will appear below to select the segment to which you want to send the push notification. Once selected it is given to save. Subsequently, the screen is added which will be sent through the notification, this screen must be linked to a module.

The priority is selected and voila, you select save and at that moment just wait for the notification to arrive on the device.

To learn more, watch the video.