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Alerts functionality

Alerts Settings

In this video we will show you the Alerts functionality.

This functionality sends you an alert to your email indicating that some of the sections of your visit have not been executed by any of your users at a specific time. To start the configuration you must go to your School.

Press Edit in any of them and go to the section where the modules are added. As you can see, a small button in the shape of a clock appears,By pressing it, a section will appear to create your first alert. To the select New alert The configuration will appear where you first proceed to write the name of the alert, dThen you must select the key field which you want to be the alert reference. These key fields can only be from a Geofence or Bulk List field. Select the days that this rule will apply, these will be the days that your alert will work,time the rule will be created.

Depending on the key field that has been selected, it will be the elements of the bulk list or geofences that will appear, select the ones you want to have the alert as well as the deadline that users have to respond. In the time zone section, it is very important to select the place where they are. FThe recipients are finally added and you are given Save Rule.

The subject of the alert is placed, which arrives in the form of mail, se saves, and is saved again. Finally, you also have to save the visit so that it saves the alert settings. Once this is done, if a user has not responded to any section of the visit where an alert has been configured, an email will arrive mentioning that one of the key fields has not been answered, so you will have to take the necessary actions to know what it happened.

Pass to know more, watch the video.