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Single / Multiple Pick List field functions

Single and Multiple Picklist Field Features

In this video you will see what are the functions of the field of Single and Multiple selection list

When displaying the single and multiple selection list field, we will find that the parameters are the same, the only difference is that in one you can only select one element and in the other, several. You can only see this in the app.

In addition to knowing what the basic edition parameters of a field are, there is a switch which will indicate if that field should be answered in a mandatory or optional way. Like a separator switch, which allows you to put a Title type at the top, bottom, or both sides.

A list view selector then appears, either displayed below the field name or displayed in a pop-up window.

The items you want to appear on your list are added manually below. As you create each element, mini-functions appear next to the answer. ANDThese are the following:

  • You can append an image as an answer, it replaces the text
  • You can delete it as well as segment the response so that only certain users can see it when displaying the elements in the application. 
  • You can attach an email. This mail will be sent with all the answers of the engine, only when the user selects this answer.

As a summary, you can set this configuration for these 2 types of fields and remember that when you finish editing, save the configuration and refresh the application so that you can see the changes.

To learn more, watch the video.