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Main tools of the Personal Information Module

Personal information module tools

En this video we will show you which are the main tools that you will find in the Personal Information module

As we already know, in order to create one, the first thing to do is enter Content>Modules and select the button “new module”, First we put the name and then we select Gallery, we give you save and Done !!

Now, as we can see, they all have a general section where the name and description can be edited again. Like the status that it makes visible or not when assigning it to a screen.

We will start by creating the attributes which will be the parameters to which a value will be assigned. It has name and key field.

Once you have the Ready attributes, they give you save.

We proceed to download the CSV format that will already have the attributes that we have placed in the control panel. When you open it, it will appear this way.

Here are all the users registered in the application and together with the attributes to which the information you need will be placed:

Once this is done, we proceed to save the file and return to the control panel where the CSV will be imported

To be able to see this in the application, all you have to do is register with your user, and if information was attached to that user, they will see it without any problem. In this case, this is what the information that was placed in the attributes would look like.

To learn more, watch the video.