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Question Engine Core Tools

Question Engine Core Tools

In this video we will show you which are the main tools that you will find in the Question Engine module

As we already know, in order to create one, the first thing to do is enter Content>Modules and select the button "New module", First we place the name and then we select «Question Engine», we give you save and Done !!

Now, as we can see, they all have a general section where the name and description can be edited again. Like the status that it makes visible or not when assigning it to a screen.

This module has 4 initial functions.

  • E-mail(s) to report: The emails to which you want the responses of the engine to arrive are placed.
  • Subject of the email to send: You can change it, in this case I will put “My first engine” and this will be the title of the email when it arrives.
  • End message: When they finish answering the engine, a message appears that you can customize.
  • Duration in seconds of the save message: is the time that the message you customized will appear when finishing an engine.

These functions are optional. You may or may not modify them.

To start creating your fields you must select “New Field” and they will be created at the bottom. When displaying each one you can change the type of field by selecting here. You can also change the name and the key field so you can identify the data in the reports. 

They will appear to you 20 different types of fields, which will help you collect information in different ways and these are:

  • Open: This is the field that appears by default when creating a new one, here you can enter continuous text without line breaks.
  • Multi Line: Here it is also pure text but with the function of being able to have line breaks
  • Email: Exclusive to put emails only, these must comply with the correct format
  • Numeric: It will change the keyboard to numeric keypad
  • Date: You will get a calendar for you to enter the date you need
  • Phone: It will switch to numeric keypad
  • Password: When you write in this section, the characters will be hidden and it can only be seen by the information administrator.
  • selection list One size fits all y Multiple: As it says, you can choose between the options that appear, either once or select several.
  • Photoreport: It will open the camera and you can attach many photos and send them. You can also select them from your gallery.
  • Map: Here you can select the place where you are, just press and hold the pin and drag it wherever you want.
  • Company: You can obtain a digital signature which will have to be drawn on the screen.
  • Bar code: Open a scanner to get a code, or you can import a list of codes along with the description of each one and when you scan it, the information appears in the application.
  • Massive list single and multiple selection: Here, like the previous list fields, you can choose one or more elements. The advantage is that you can instantly upload a list of hundreds of items with their descriptions and display them in the application without having to enter them one by one.
  • Qualifying: With this field you can obtain statistics of punctual elements. as well as additional information such as a photo or a comment.
  • Token: This sends you an email with a verification code, without this field answered you will not be able to send the form.
  • Table: You can make a table and add columns where you will enter the necessary information. You can append as many rows as you want.
  • Geofence: this field is answered automatically when it is within a previously established perimeter. this is determined by the location of the user in real time
  • Upload file: the user from his cell phone will be able to attach documents in Microsoft office or PDF formats, he can attach several.

Do not forget that whenever you finish editing the module, save your progress and refresh the application so that the changes are reflected.

To learn more, watch the video.