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Main tools of the Document module

Document module tools

In this video we will show you which are the main tools that you will find in the Document module.

As we already know, in order to create a Module DocumentThe first thing to do is enter Content>Modules and select the button “new module”, First we put the name of the module and then we select the module of Document, we give you save and Done !!

Now, as we can see, all modules have a general section where the name and description of the module can be edited again. Like the status that makes the module visible or not when assigning it to a screen.

Entering the module edition, you will see a button to select the document that you previously added to the media section.

If you do not remember how to upload documents to the media section, a suggestion with the video will appear at the top to help you solve that doubt.

Finally, a button appears so that you activate or deactivate the option to share the document that you are showing in the application. Next to this control, the preview of the file you are going to show will appear.

Remember that once you finish editing your content you always have to give SAVE.

To learn more, watch the video.