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Zapier integration with Google Calendar

Integrate Zapier with Google Calendar

This video will show how to communicate a question engine from BeepQuest with Google Calendar, all through Zapier.

The first thing you have to do is go to Once inside you must create an account or enter with your email. Now the zapier dashboard will appear. To start doing the integration you first select make a zap, later the application of BeepQuest and the only Event he has available, lThen press continue nowIt will now appear a section to place the account of BeepQuest, eThis is put as follows.

Place a token code, which will make the connection between the 2 applications. To find the token you must go to your Control Panel> General> API Settings. Now we proceed to generate a Token code. The arrow next to the button is pressed and in adding token, it is confirmed and ready. 

Now you have to copy this code and pass it to the popup window of Zapier and press continue. As you can see, the name of your dashboard instance now appears BeepQuest.

When you press continue, a selector will appear where all the modules currently in the application will appear. In this case Zapier It shows them in the form of a list, without any type of classification, so the name of the module to be integrated must be very clear.

Once the desired module has been selected, press continue and then press Test. In order for the chosen module to be used, it must have been answered at least once previously. This is why an example of the answers from the selected question engine will appear.

It is given to continue and con this the configuration of the side of BeepQuest. Now the application with which you want to interact will be configured. The name is written, in this case it will be Google Calendar and as an event «Crear nuevo evento» and continue.

This is done with the configuration of the BeepQuest.

Now the application with which you want to interact will be configured. The name is written, in this case it will be Google Calendar and as an event, «Crear un nuevo evento» and continue.

Alright now

In the same way that BeepQuest, you have to select an account. In this case, it will no longer be through a token, but through an email to log in with google. The actions that Zapier will do are accepted and that's it.

Now the event is configured. First the calendar with the same email that was previously logged in is selected, dfter the event title is placed using the key fields of the question engine of BeepQuest, once this is done, the event summary is made with the same key fields. There is not a number of allowed fields, you can add the ones you need to have more detail about the event. A conference is added if necessary and pSubsequently, the key fields that will define the day and time of the meeting and Ready! With this we already have the basic configuration to be able to create an event from a question engine to the Google calendar. You have to press continue, select test, wait a short moment and then turn on the zap.

To learn more, watch the video.