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Screen - Banners Edition and Floating Buttons

Edit floating banners and buttons

Each created screen has an upper banner in addition to the possibility of activating the lower banner. Both banners can be enabled or disabled according to needs. 

By pressing the button “Image selection” you can choose for that space an image previously loaded in "Media" or upload a new one.

It is also possible to add a "Action" that will execute when pressing the banner on the mobile device.

Each banner can be resized by sliding the white circle up or down. The maximum size of the top banner is 40% of the screen and the bottom of the 30%.

Yet another tool are floating buttons. Each screen has nine buttons that can be individually enabled. Unlike the buttons on the screens, the floating buttons do NOT have a title, they only have an image that can be selected on the button “Image Selection” and pressing the button “Select the action” the action to execute will be assigned.

To learn more, watch the video.