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Screen - General Edition

overall edition

Each screen created in the dashboard can be edited to have its own content and layout. To do this, you have to go to CONTENT > SCREENS, each line shown there corresponds to a screen; on the right side of each one there are some buttons… you have to press the green button with the image of "pencil" corresponding to To edit.

Upon entering the Edit screen there will be three sections at the top, at this point we will focus on the "GENERAL".

  • Name: The name of the screen that was given to it when it was created appears here. If you want to change the name, you can make the change here.
  • Description: A brief description can be added to the screen and displayed on users' devices as a complement to the assigned name.
  • Action: Select the type of action that the screen will execute when pressing the corresponding button on the mobile device.
  • Condition: This switch allows you to enable or disable the display of the screen on mobile devices.
  • Tags: Labels or keywords can be assigned so that a screen with the action "Go to Finder" locate content by screen names and labels.
  • Icon: You will be able to choose from images that have been previously uploaded to the Media tool or upload a new one and use it as the screen button image on mobile devices.
  • QR code: This code is unique for each screen, by clicking it can be downloaded and printed so that a screen with the action "Go to Finder" locate the content of the screen that generated said code.


  • Login required: By activating this switch only users who are registered and logged in will be able to see this screen.
  • Allow access to the following segment: Combined with the “Login required” will extend screen security so that content is only visible to users who are logged in and belong to a particular segment. Only one segment per screen is allowed.

To learn more, watch the video.