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Screen - Edition Graphical interface

GUI editing

Each screen created in the dashboard can be edited to have its own content and layout. To do this, you have to go to CONTENT > SCREENS, each line shown there corresponds to a screen; on the right side of each one there are some buttons… you have to press the green button with the image of "pencil" corresponding to Edit.

Upon entering the Edit screen there will be three sections at the top, at this point we will focus on the "GRAPHIC INTERFACE".

In this section you can make visual changes such as:

  • Background color: You can choose the color of the background that will be displayed behind the content of the screen that is being edited. To choose the color can be done by moving the point in the multicolor box or by entering the RGB number, as well as changing the intensity of the transparency of the color. Once the color is selected, press the button "Choose" for the change to take effect.
  • Text colour: As with the background color, you can choose or change the color of the text that is displayed on the screen content.
  • Background image: If you decide to use a background image, it overlays the background color you have chosen. To assign an image you just have to enter the button “Select the background image” which will open the tools "Media" to choose one of the previously saved images or upload a new one. (If there is any doubt about the process of uploading images, please consult the video tutorial on how to upload content and design images)
  • Navigation Bar / Background Color: the selection of this color will be applied on the button that leads to the "Lateral Menu" in case it is edited on the HOME screen or on the arrow to return to the previous screen that is located in the upper left part of the content screens.

To learn more, watch the video.