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Paused Visits

Visits Pause Configuration

In this video we will show you how to configure the Pause Visits function.

To start you must go to Side Menu> Visits> Visits, you select to edit one of the visits that has previously been created. Once the configuration screen is open, proceed to open the Paused Visits configuration by clicking on the sign of "More", to activate the functionality you have to activate the "Activate Paused Visits". Later, 2 more switches appear:

  1. Activate visit expiration: This will allow you to give an expiration time to the paused visit, either for a time limit or for a specific day. (For example, I want the visit to only be paused for a period of 4 hours or to expire on Friday at noon).
  2. Activate geofence validation: This will validate whether or not the user is in the indicated place when resuming the visit.

Finally, a module selector appears which will act as confirmation of the pause of the visit (For example pI can place a form by asking questions that justify the pause of the visit by the user). By not putting any module, a normal confirmation will appear when pausing the visit.

From the mobile when opening and starting a visit, the button will appear below that indicates that the visit can be paused. As soon as the application is exited after having paused the visit and re-entering the visit status, it will be possible to check which visits are the ones that are paused and when selecting one, the process will be resumed in a normal way.

To learn more, watch the video.