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Operational reports and analytics

Access, download, send, and receive strategic operational analytics, quality assurance, and audits!

Analytical Components

How It Works

Management Analytics

Build and display the most relevant operational indicators for different executive roles. Access them on Web and Mobile.

Checklist Dashboard

Browse analytics of your audits that you never realized you had. Discover everything you need to know about your supervisions to make continuous improvement to your operations.

Detailed reports

Download and receive detailed evidence based reports (Excel, PDF and HTML) with photographs, evidence, signatures, and other components that will reveal the complete details of your operations.

Executive reports

Configure executive PDF Reports with strategic information encapsulated in high-impact graphics.

Operational alerts

Create different rules so that you and your team receive alerts with specific actions for your operation.

Recurring Reports

Create recurring reports in all formats to direct them to decision makers in different areas of the company.

What you will get

An app for process supervision

Personalized Mobile App for your work teams, brand, and processes

Dashboards for your operations
Breakdown of your Checklist for decision making
Analysis of opportunity areas
Administrative analytical data
Distribution of units by performance
Units ranking
Smart tabs
Combined indicators
Historical traceability of strategic information
Management reports directed to specific roles
Full evidential reports
Results support

How are we different

Strategic information that DOES allow you to make decisions
Fully role-driven analytics delivery
Strategic audit breakdown with never-before-disclosed information
Delivery of reports (detailed and executive) on alerts and recurrences
Data Processing

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