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Operational Geolocation

Use all the tools that BeepQuest has for geolocated optimization


How It Works


Define Geofences in your distributed operation units.

Location of activities

Leave a geolocated trail of all activity executions.

Real-time tracking

Monitor the location of your personnel in the field in real time.

Contextual tasks and information

Limit information and tasks only available to specific points on the map.

Location plan

Help your users define future locations.

What you will get

An app for process supervision

Personalized Mobile App for your work teams, brand, and processes

Real time tracking
Geolocated audits
Geolocation even in offline mode
Activity heat maps
Geolocated control of tasks
Information restricted by the map
Unlimited geofences
Deep integration with Google Maps
Indoor mapping
Shadows of activities on the map

How are we different

Specific geo-location use cases for operational audits
Interaction of the location with the planned activities
Freedom in defining contextual monitoring
Historical traceability of all types of location and tracking
Data Processing

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