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Administrator Panel

With a 100% flexible, self-managing, and easy-to-use interface, optimize your operations according your defined processes and goals!

Administrator Panel

How It Works

100% Customized App

Create a 100% Personalized App for your operational staff in the field and unit / branch to execute business processes tailored to your standards.

Add Administrators

Add general administrators and teams to configure the flows in processes of audits of any type.

Configure Reports and Analytics

Carry out report and analytical configurations, manage changes to your processes with indicators and choose who and by what means should receive them.

Constant growth

With the administrator and configuration panel, you will be up to date with the BeepQuest team to guide you in the new tools that we will deploy for you weekly.

Live Process Governance

Every time your process changes, in minutes you will be able to change its execution from the administrator panel. BeepQuest will always be up to date with your new needs and new requirements.

What you will get

An app for process supervision

Full control of your audits, intranet checklists, and processes

Supervision Management
Weighted calculations
Approval flow
Continuous improvement audits
Friendly configuration interface
Easy and robust monitoring of flows and processes
App 100% tailored to your brand and processes
Real-time configuration and deployment
Control of equipment and user segments
Control and report management
Access to activity log
governance of processes

How are we different

Flexibility, allows BeepQuest to adopt your process naturally.
Robustness when selecting the tools that best suit you.
The administrator panel grows with you, with your processes and your requirements.
Adaptability in any particular operational detail of your operation and your audits.
Data Processing

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