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Continuous improvement actions

All kinds of tasks and post-audit work plans and operational execution.

Work plans

How It Works

Work plans

Generation of smart and automatic work plans based on Checklist results and operational executions.


Management of specific tasks with instruction delivered by support areas, senior management or regional managers.

Management of incidents

Reports of operational incidents automatically assigned to responsible areas and measurement of the performance of their attention.

Alerts to third parties

Generation of emails to generate actions and tasks to personnel outside the operation.

Compliance analysis

Deep understanding of the timing and quality of the execution of actions with the possibility of approving or rejecting.

Web Links

Deployment of forms on sites outside the operational instance through links.

What you will get

An app for process supervision

Personalized Mobile App for your work teams, brand, and processes

Continuous improvement of operations
Post audit work management
Measurement of support areas and suppliers
Understanding response times
General tasks
Specific tasks
Control over the approval of requisitions
Penalties in the Checklist for non-compliance

How are we different

Fully bi-directional operational flow interaction
Deep compliance analysis
Flexible assignment of tasks and actionable
Hierarchy of action flows before incident reports
Data Processing

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