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Centralization and intelligent analysis
of product in retail.

An intimate conversation with Gerardo Grisi, co-owner and CEO of one of the largest retail and pharmacy companies in Mexico.

Hear Grisi's success story

80% In savings of
operational control


39,300 centralized product reports

Success story - Grisi


With more than 150 years of experience, Gray is a 100% Mexican chemical pharmaceutical company dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of products leaders of natural origin for health, beauty, hygiene and nutrition.

Gerardo Grisi, co-owner and CEO of Grisi Group, shares with us in this episode that the fundamental key that allowed them to become one of the largest retail companies in the country was to form a team of promotion and merchandise with a quality and standard of operation that has become a quintessential reference point in the industry.

In addition, he will give us an intimate look at how the role of promoters in Mexico has transformed in recent years and will discuss with Berny about the future of promoters and merchandise in Mexico, a future for which to have a technology tool like BeepQuest allowing your team to always stay one step ahead of the competition is increasingly essential.

Control and Operational Management

Reduce expenses in control and operational management.

With distribution throughout the republic, the operation of Gray scaled its expenses to important levels where taking smart and efficient actions was vital to reduce expenses and control leaks in all its operational management.



With BeepQuestGray has eyes on your operation at all times,
and has been able to identify leaks, and mitigate expenses standardizing processes throughout your operation.



80% In savings of
operational management


Product Reports

Centralize product reports

The amount of data in retail companies with a scale such as that of Gray It can be overwhelming if it is not well centralized and communicated in a way that is discernible to the executive area.



Gray used BeepQuest to elaborate Executive Reports to the measure generated weekly with graphs and important analytics for the decision making and execution of effective actions.



39,300 Reports of product 
centralized and organized in
Executive Reports.


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