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IRP Comex

Perfect compliance with operational excellence parameters.

An intimate conversation with Octavio Barboza, operations manager of IRP Comex.

Listen to the success story of IRP Comex

Align parameters of operational excellence


time visibility area manager journey


Evaluation to staff areas

Success story IRP COMEX


IRP is a dealer of Comex who caters to around 53,000 love Lóleo monthly with 47 stores, of which 46 have the comex store model and one store focused on the hardware segment. Octavio Barboza, its COO shares with us how they have maximized their operating structure with BeepQuest due to significant growth.

Rapid growth required maximizing the structure they have and looking for a tool that allows them to have a more precise execution and have visibility of what is happening at each point of sale.

Industrial productivity

Align operational excellence parameters established by PPG

IRP receives a quarterly evaluation where PPG verifies that the operational excellence model is complied with, so it is essential that all its points operate perfectly.



With BeepQuest, IRP Comex implemented a supervision that allows you to know KPIs on regulatory, commercial, protocol, care and service aspects, ensuring the operational excellence of its 47 stores.



100% Of stores aligned with the PPG operational excellence model


work plans

Visibility of travel times of area managers

IRP Comex recognized the need to have visibility of the travel times of its area managers, in order to find areas of opportunity for optimization.



IRP Comex uses BeepQuest to know the routes of their area managers and be able to optimize their routes and make decisions on how many points of sale to visit per day.



100% Visibility in journey times.

ISO9001 Checklist

Evaluation of staff areas (store support)

IRP Comex It is very clear that the staff areas must work in the service of the stores, providing resources and necessary help that their managers need to ensure the smoothest possible operation.



IRP Comex implemented an automated store support scheme where the staff areas know the managers' needs immediately and have an open channel with them to resolve any situation.



longer time so your area managers can focus on strategy.

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