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An intimate conversation with Luis Roberto Zamora, E-Commerce Manager shares how having transitioned the corporate culture towards continuous improvement, transformed Colchas Concord into a role model in the textile industry.

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Concord Bedspreads


Concord Bedspreads is a Mexican company with more than 61 years in the textile market dedicated to the production and commercialization of home whites. Louis Robert Zamora, your E-Commerce manager shares with us how having transitioned the business culture towards continuous improvement, transformed Concord Bedspreads in a role model in the textile industry; Today it supplies its products in more than 350 points of sale around the country, 280 franchises and with a strong presence in telemarketing, e-commerce and marketplaces such as Amazon, Mercado Libre, Walmart and Coppel.

Concord Bedspreads has shared a long and fruitful business relationship with BeepQuest, in which together we have witnessed the growth of both companies thanks to the standardization of processes.

Information processing

Streamline information processing.

Digital technologies have made old supervisory practices obsolete where companies collected information by answering a checklist by hand. Concord Bedspreads sought to streamline its information processing with them to reduce the time it used to take about a month to convert the collected data into analyzable information.


With BeepQuest, Concord Bedspreads digitized all its supervision processes, providing its supervisors with a tool where they can evidence their supervisions, draw up work plans, review past visit histories, and raise incident tickets among many other things. Today an entire area focused on processing this information was dissolved, and the team was placed in more specialized areas, growing professionally.


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audit processing.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement in all operations.

Concord Bedspreads knows that to continuously improve it is important to know that there are always procedures to change and improve, however, knowing where your areas of opportunity are is difficult without a deep analysis of your information with indicators that show you where to invest efforts.


With the dashboard specialized in KPI's of standardization of BeepQuest, Concord Bedspreads has graphically mapped your operation to easily identify your areas of opportunity and make strategic decisions to obtain better results.


100% Continuous improvement

in all its processes.

ISO certifications

Comply with ISO certifications.

Concord Bedspreads is a company certified in ISO 9001-2015For this, it is necessary that they comply with strict standards and collect enough evidence to demonstrate that they comply with the guidelines of their certifications.


With BeepQuest, certification supervisors ISO collect evidence and generate preventive work plans to avoid any possible non-compliance.


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ISO 9001-2015 certifications.

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