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Standardization of quality and processes in restaurant groups.

Bruno Bartolino Associate Director of Operations, explains to us how digital tools are of the essence to ensure their high quality standards.

Hear Fisher's Success Story

x2 More positive comments from customers on networks and websites.


70% Reduction in information capture time.


50% Reduced inventory supply costs.

Fishers Success Story


Fisher's is a highly popular restaurant group in Mexico that celebrates its 31 years this coming October, 2020. Throughout those three decades, Fisher's It has expanded to 28 branches through five specialized concepts in fish and seafood. Its restaurants include Fishers, De Crab, Simons, The Big's and Don Capitán, which is about to open its new Parrilla al Carbon Costeña branch in Nuevo Polanco.

In this episode, Bruno Bartholin, Associate Director of Operations assures us that the greatest challenge for any restaurant group is to maintain consistency across all its business pillars to create loyalty and offer its customers the high standard of quality for which they are known. Bruno tell us how Fisher's Group enters a new era of effectiveness in its operations and quality standardization by implementing BeepQuest for your supervision checklists, staff training, and informational content for all your branches.

Quality standards

Maintain consistency at the service level.

With 28 Branches, for Fisher's Group the priority is that the experience of its customers is always of high quality in all its branches to maintain the loyalty of its guests. (Inventories, processes, recipes, level of service through all its branches)


The standardization of processes, recipes, and service procedures is reinforced with digital tools. Monitor with BeepQuest its processes constantly is vital to maintain a consistency of standards throughout all its concepts.


x2 More positive feedback from

clients on networks and websites.

ISO certifications

Improve times and costs for gathering information.

To achieve consistency across all its concepts, documenting procedural reports is essential, and the speed at which information is received for decision-making must be as instantaneous as possible so that your decisions reflect the current reality of your branches.


Fisher's has eyes at all times on your operation in real time. Its users capture information with greater speed, and have forgotten to fill logs and transcribe them to a digital medium. Now the process of capturing and sending information is instantaneous.


70% Reduction in information capture time.

Inventory control

Inventory control.

With a daily operation, effectively supplying your branches is a major challenge, since it is not only about fighting with the shortage of products, but also about avoiding an excess of product.


With BeepQuest, Fisher's makes an exact inventory control and receives information in real time of how much excess or shortage of product there is in all its branches at any time.


50% Reduced inventory supply costs.

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