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Group S4

Control and Monitoring in real time of security equipment.

Procedures optimization strategies in matters of Security.

Listen to the success story of Grupo S4

98% In savings in operational control

10x Internal information processing time

Full control assistance in real time

Grupo S4 success story


Group S4 is a security company of intramural guards and technology and logistics services. They take care of, verify and audit in dozens of different points of operation to provide security to their client.

Join us with General Manager, Isaac Haber, so that we can detail how a security company can optimize its processes and offer better and faster solutions to its clients with BeepQuest.

Quality standards

Standardize the service with all clients.

For Grupo S4, each client is a different scenario with variables depending on the client's needs and the context of the point to be supervised, so the standardization process must be developed with particular criteria for each client.


Group S4 configured a solution for the control and monitoring of guards and evaluation of jobs to have eyes in the field on security positions, to identify and reinforce the measurements that are low, and add specific decisions to each client.


98% Of standardization in processes.

Continuous improvement

Optimally process special requests in operating unit.

Each customer of Group S4 It has special peculiarities, and processing all requests can be time consuming and ineffective if not done properly.


Group S4 uses BeepQuest so shift managers can process special requests for each operating unit, increasing response speed to supply their positions with what is necessary to fulfill requests.


10x Internal information processing time.

ISO certifications

Have a more efficient guard attendance control.

The attendance reports were managed by WhatsApp, and other mobile communication tools, without being able to verify their authenticity one hundred percent of the time.


QR codes on each credential to scan inside Geo-Fences and photo evidence assure Group S4 that authenticity reports are 100% accurate.


Complete control assistance in real time.

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