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Optimization of operations in Industrial Kitchens.

Mauricio Garza Sada shares how BeepQuest is an elementary part for the continuous improvement of its operations.

Hear Mager's success story

95% Minimum qualification in audit.


50% Less time on supervision visits.

-90% Training costs.

Mager Food


Mauricio Garza Sada he tells us about Mager Food; a company based in the city of Monterrey dedicated to serving more than 10,000 meals daily in the industrial dining rooms of more than 25 clients. They also have a catering division to provide events and lunch boxes as well as offer the sale of snacks in stores within their clients' factories.

Quality standards

Ensure quality in service and operations.

The distributed units of an industrial canteen are within the premises of their clients, so they are constantly audited by their clients to ensure that a first-class service is provided.


With BeepQuest, Alimentos Mager has information about its audits in real time, being able to improve and solve any situation instantly.


95% minimum qualification in audits.

ISO certifications

Shorten supervision and monitoring time.

Visits by the auditors of Mager Food They had a very long duration of up to six hours making the unit supervision process very extensive.


With BeepQuest, Mager Food streamlined and focused its process by cutting its audits in half.


50% Less time on supervision visits.

Continuous improvement

Optimize training efforts.

For Mager Food It is essential to optimize the training process both in terms of cost and training content and ease of access to information.


Mager Food developed an intranet with BeepQuest where they now instantly share and update their training content and have it available for consultation for their entire team.


-90% Training costs

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