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Operational Excellence in Promotional Activities.

Octavio Cruz Castillo, Trade Marketing Coordinator at Penguin Random House shares with us the challenges that must be overcome to lead a promotion team to operational excellence.

Hear the success story of Penguin Random House

Immediacy in distribution of entertainment and informative material


100% of the processes and promotional material digitized and self-configured.

Penguin success story


Penguin random house is a publishing group specialized in the publishing and distribution of books. With the division of the Spanish language founded on July 1, 2013, Penguin random house has enjoyed great success as a result of an operation in constant continuous improvement. Octavio Cruz, their Director of Promotion shares with us how.

Customer Support

Effective and immediate communication.

promotion by nature it is a remote team, since it is constantly moving from point to point with the mission of replicating the plans and strategies that have been developed for its operating manual. This is why empowering them with a communication, training and consultation tool is essential so that they always have the necessary knowledge at hand to execute marketing strategies.


Developing an Intranet with BeepQuest, the promotion team is always oriented and with the information you need always at hand and updated.


Immediacy in distribution of training and informative material.

Quality standards

Digitize procedures in a self-governing environment.

Before using BeepQuest, Penguin random house depended on a tailor-made development that, being pre-designed, did not have the immediacy necessary to be up-to-date with the company's constantly evolving procedures.


With BeepQuest, Penguin random house found a flexible tool full of functionalities to be able to adapt its process to a digital environment with automated reports and a dashboard specialized in standardization KPI's.


100% of the processes and promotional material
digitized and auto-configured.

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