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Maximum automation in store information processing.

Enrique Barrón, in charge of the Steren mark before and after starting to use BeepQuest, obtained a versatility in its information processing that was not possible in its previous platforms.

Hear Steren's success story

42% Increased effectiveness of competition mapping.

12x Times more optimized in logistics for promoters.

100% Of the systems consolidated with API'S of BeepQuest.

1 Week implementation and deployment of a software solution.

Steren success story


Steren Packaged Product is a company that is part of Steren Group, dedicated to the commercialization of accessories and electronic components for Self-Services, department stores and specialized stores.

Enrique Barron, in charge of the systems area, assesses and provides the company's IT tools and is delighted with the optimization and automation they have obtained since acquiring BeepQuest and implement it in just one week.

In addition, he will give us an intimate look at how the role of promoters in Mexico has transformed in recent years and will discuss with Berny about the future of promoters and merchandise in Mexico, a future for which to have a technology tool like BeepQuest allowing your team to always stay one step ahead of the competition is increasingly essential.

Data Processing

Have an effective and up-to-date competition mapping.

The retail industry changes and evolves daily, which is why it is vital for companies like Steren have real information about the status of their competition, their promotions, prices, activations and products to be able to make strategic operational and marketing decisions. However, the information capture methods are usually very rudimentary in many companies, where most of the information is sent through various channels such as WhatsApp, emails, and handmade reports, resulting in ineffective processing of information that is often disorganized.


Steren implemented promotional activities of competition mapping with BeepQuest, standardizing the capture of information and structuring it effectively to be able to show in detail what the promoters find in the store.


42% increase in the effectiveness of competition mapping.

Inventory control

Centralize product reports.

A promotion team like that of Steren requires resources of time, per diem, and work materials. Without having eyes on the field activities of promoter team, resources are not used to the maximum, and how consequently the promoter routes are ineffective, the capture of information is not structured, and the material for manual and photographic reports is not always it is consolidated and available.


Steren implemented trackers to study the routes of its promotion team and be able to organize more effective routes, distribute resources in an optimal way for travel expenses, and collect information digitally in an automated way. Steren now studies the number of visits made by promoter, the time it takes for each visit, their transfer times, and many other indicators.


12x times more optimization in logistics for Promoters.

Quality standards

Maximum automation in information processing.

For a company like Steren, an important pillar in its operation is maximum automation, in order to depend as little as possible on human error. In addition, information processing can be exhaustive. In reality, it manifests itself in hours of searching for photos in cell phone chats, transcribing reports by hand to an excel and consolidating the information in a power point, risking having a very wide margin of human error throughout the process.


Enrique Barron uses the API's for BeepQuest to extract information from the platform and integrate it directly into their ERP, obtaining complete reports automatically that give a lot of flexibility and information for making strategic decisions.
“This was not possible on our previous platforms” –Enrique Barron


100%   of consolidated systems with API's of BeepQuest.

Continuous improvement

Exceed any expectations in implementation times.

Implement a Software solution to a company with the magnitude of Steren generally comes with a baggage of logistical and operational complications, so when choosing a solution, Enrique Barron was very careful to choose an option that quickly adapted to his processes.


With OnBoarding methodologies and the flexibility of BeepQuest, a dedicated team managed to make a full deployment of the solution in just one week.


1 Week as a record of implementation and deployment of the software solution.

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